Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Continuing with Carle

This week we continued our exploration of Eric Carle's work.  

The first book Mr. Carle authored as well as illustrated was 1, 2, 3, to the Zoo.  This is a fun counting book in which each train car has one more animal than the one before it.  After reading this book, we decided to create our own train complete with collaged zoo animals.  Here it is making its journey down the hallway to our classroom.

In the book Walter the Baker, Walter is tasked to create a piece of bread that the sun can shine through three times.  He accidentally invents the pretzel.  In class, we made pretzel dough and then shaped it into letter pretzels.  Doesn't it look like fun?

Of course, no study of Eric Carle would be complete without reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Thanks to Sra. Karla (Paulina's mom) we read it in both English and Spanish.  Students worked with a partner to create a page in our class big book version of this famous story.  We are anticipating the arrival of caterpillars we will watch develop into butterflies.  So, we spent some time studying the life cycle of the butterfly.  We can hardly wait!

Want more butterflies?  Get an up close view of butterflies by visiting the Charlotte Nature Museum.  They have a butterfly pavilion where butterflies flit all around-one might even land on your nose!  It's lots of fun!  www.charlottenaturemuseum.com

Upcoming Events:
   April 4-Spring Pictures
   April 5-Field trip-walk to DUMC (the more the merrier!)
   April 6-Summit Place visit (chaperone needed)
   April 14-Field Trip-walk to CSD High School (Chaperones needed)
   April 15-Half Day, Spring Break Begins
   April 16-26-Spring Break
   April 28-Field Trip to Wing Haven
   May 5-Half Day-Conferences
   May 6-Half Day-Conferences
   May 13-Half Day
   May 23-Ocean Play (Time TBD)
If you are able to help chaperone any of the upcoming field trips, please send me an email mjmayo@bellsouth.net

Class Needs:
  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls.
  • Scraps of wallpaper, scrapbooking paper, fabric, ribbon or any craft supply that can be glued to paper (for our field trip to the HS Art Room)
  • Ketchup

Thanks to our "Weekly Readers," Mr. Bob and Ms. Jess.  There are still many opportunities for you to visit and read.  This week we began our study of Mem Fox.  You are welcome to bring your own book or read one from our class library.  Send an email here if you would like to join this elite group!  I would love to read!

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